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Taxation Solutions

Early planning is a material component to any business success. Similarly with tax planning you can create a solid platform to plan ahead and implement any business or investment transactions where tax is minimised or avoided.

Furthermore braking the geographical barriers between countries has now become the norm in business and investment, thus understanding double taxation agreements and implementing the correct business structure is now crucial to your decision making process.

Almost all commercial transactions will give rise to tax consequences. We will look at each transaction in detail and advise you of the various steps and structures required. The objective is to keep your tax liabilities to a minimum.  We will advise you on general standard tax practice, but most importantly, we will tailor our tax planning to suit your specific requirements and circumstances.

We provide the following tax solutions:

Corporate tax advisory

A proper corporate tax structure is an essential part of the business strategic decisions as it can increase business efficiency and ensure tax compliance especially for multinational organisations.
Our tax specialists’ team can not only prepare and submit tax computations quickly and accurately but it can also reduce the overall tax leakage in your business and enable you achieve your business objectives efficiently and seamlessly. Their services extend to VAT, VIES and Intrastat advisory.

International Tax Planning and Treaties

In the fast moving landscape of today’s multinational business, where the stakeholder’s demands for growth force the expansion in new territories, a tax efficient planning can play an important role in the profitability of your business and the increase of shareholders' wealth.
At AOG we advise our clients the most tax efficient way to comply with the regulations and maximise their tax relief, including the consideration of VAT and Custom Duty issues.

Tax investigations

A tax investigation can be very stressful and delicate matter that should be resolved correctly by qualified professionals.
Our experienced team of Chartered Tax Advisors are specialising in all kind of tax investigations, tax enquiries and conflicts with Tax Authorities and provide as hoc advice to tax accountants, lawyers and other professionals.

Property Tax Advice

Purchasing a property can raise important tax issues like VAT, Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty and requires careful planning on how best to structure and document transactions.
Our Chartered Tax Advisors provide a wide-ranging co-ordinated property tax advice and services to our clients, with special focus in UK and Cyprus markets.